5 Things to do during the quarantine

During this time of Coronavirus global pandemic, people are advised to get self-quarantine including those who pose no sign of illness. Since concerts are postponed, sporting events are canceled, a lot of communal facilities are shut down, people remaining inside is facing a lesser evil rather than the virus: boredom and stir craziness.


Given that, to help you on your home quarantine journey, we’ve put a list of awesome things to do to keep you busy.


1.Netflix & chill


You can lose track of hours or days watching your fave Netflix series, and there’s no better time to tick off all the goodies from your must-watch-list.


2.Have a clear-out


Spend a few days sorting through your messy closet or kitchen pantry and set aside anything you don’t need. Throw it away, or consider donating it to charities.


3.Work from home


Welcome to the work-at-home club, it’s 2020 right now. Plan a schedule and create your own office space, take a break regularly, and check-in with your colleagues to stay connected.


4.Go green

Growing your own food, start simple with a few herbs, and if you have space, move onto other vegetables in the garden.

5.Walk around

Despite the self-quarantine is necessary, we could still walk around home without deregulation. But we have to remember to wear face masks and keep the social distance.