Best Products To Protect You From UV Light By Seaside

     A large number of people would like to spend the vacation at the seaside, however, its easily get burnt by UV light because there are no such shelters like buildings or trees along the coast. Meanwhile, the water content of the stratum corneum of skin will increase after soaking in the water which means we will more possible be burnt by ultraviolet.

       But sunscreen may not be a good choice in this situation. First, we need to reapply it every two hours to ensure its the effect; and second, the chemical used in sunscreen is found threatening the corals and other marine life according to the research by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration U.S. Department of Commerce.

       Its much better to wear UV protecting clothes to insulate ultraviolet. We can choose a variety of products not only include some long sleeve attire which made by sun-proof material but also a lot of other accessories, such as neck gaiter, visor hats, sun face mask and so on.


       Long sleeve clothes decrease the risk of excessive exposure to the sunlight.


       Sun hats for women and a bucket hat for men are portable and practical, shielding UV light effectively.


       Protective scarf and sun face mask offers great coverage of face and neck to help resist the ultraviolet.