——Why we still need sun-proof clothing when we stay indoors.

Up to this day, the number of people starts to know using sun-proof outdoors is more important than we thought. Overexposure to ultraviolet not only can result in sunburn but also do damage to our eyes,UV-radiation can cause some forms of cancer.

However, indoors sunblock is always neglected this day. Not only the exposure to sunlight, but we’ve also found ultraviolet from many artificial sources like some kinds of LEDs and lasers. Researches on occupational exposure show that industries which have problem with indoors UVR exposure are not rare.

We are expecting to remember sunblock during our daily routine. a sunscreen is a wonderful form of sun-protection, but it needs to be reapplied every two hours to ensure its effectiveness. The most effective ways to protect us from the sun’s rays, there is no doubt that attiring UPF50+ clothing and accessories are the better choices. Physical sunblocks like UPF50+ clothing and accessories provide enough protection and meanwhile eliminate worries that sunscreen may harm our skin.

Contemporary sun-proof clothing is much more fashionable than we imagine. These UPF50+ apparel and accessories can easily integrate into our wardrobe instead of being like some out-of-date labor suits.