How Respirator Prevent Coronavirus Spray

Even though some experts said we could be resilient about the epidemic of coronavirus right now, because the growing number of hospitalizations seems to start to steadily decline, however, the vaccine is not developed yet, for that matter we still need to be cautious to the epidemic situation.

 kids mask

COVID related deaths are approaching 400,000 in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University data. The worldwide number is much more shocking, nevertheless, there is no need to panic because we have known that wearing a medical respirator mask can effectively protect us from the coronavirus.


The protective device, such as a filter mask or respirator mask, gives us protection by covering the mouth and the nose to interrupt the spread of the virus. While not all kinds of respirator masks or filter masks can insulate the virus efficiently, we would like to use masks that can filter at least 95% airborne particles such as mask n95 or medical respirator. Mask n95 is as effective as mask kn95, they are called by different names just because they under a different standard.


Facing epidemic diseases like COVID-19, the best way to protect ourselves is interrupting the spread of the virus from the beginning, that’s why we are expected to wear filter masks as well as possible.