Willow-leaf Type Mask

Fit Your Face

Filter PM2.5

4 Filter Layers

3D Structure

The willow-leaf type mask adopts welding splicing technology under high temperature. It does not have any adhesive. The material contains no formaldehyde, which can give you a breathable and healthy experience. The ear loops also do not press on your ears.

Pursuit of Details

The cutting with high-quality does

 not hurt your face so that you can wear it for a long 

time because the mask has no glue and no formaldehyde.

The elastic ear loops suit for all types of facial contours. 

A good mask should not press on 

the ears after wearing for a long time. 


C- Type Mask

Fit Your Face

Filter PM2.5

4 Filter Layers

3D Structure

The C-shape mask has 4 filter layers with big inner space. It can give you a comfortable and breathable wearing experience without pressing on ears.

Pursuit of Details

The stereo structure makes our masks have 

bigger inner space for you to freely breathe. 

 The elastic ear loops suit for all types of facial 

contours.  A good mask should not press on 

 the ears after wearing for a long time. 

4-Layer Strengthened Filtration

The mask is gentle and does not irritate. It can fight allergies, effectively filter harmful substances, 

and absorb odors to provide same filtration effect.The mask is light and the spongy nose clip can be adjusted.


C Type for Kids

Fit Your Face

Filter PM2.5

4 Filter Layers

3D Structure

Pursuit of Details

Comfortable TextureNon-formaldehyde | Non-fluorescent 

agentBaby-grade texture | Healthy and eco-friendlyMore 

suitable for babies' lasting wearing  

Elastic Ear RopeThe soft ear rope is elastic, so it will not 

press onyour ears. Be more popular among babies. 

Our Mask Can Filter More

The filtration efficiency of KN95 for non-oily particulate matters 

above 0.075 microns must be higher than 95%.

0~4-year-old:                             4~12-year-old:

Upper circumference 14cm       Upper circumference 17cm 

Lower circumference 10cm       Lower circumference 10cm

Centre front height 11cm           Centre front height 13.5cm 

Side length 4cm                           Side length 6cm

The respiratory resistance is low and the mask is light and comfortable.

You can wear it for all seasons.  

What is KN95? 

KN95 is the GB2626-2006 standard of respiratory protective products published by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection Quarantine and Standardization Administration of China. Its performance  is the same as that of N95 and FFP2.

KN95 standard

Product packaging

Packed in Bags

2 pieces in each bag

Packed in Boxes

10 pieces in each box

Resistant to high 

temperature with 60℃

Resistant to alcohol

Low respiratoryresistance

Can be washed

Choose The Right

Mask With Professional Level

The diameter of the PTFE film is just one-tenth of PM2.5. It can effectively block particle 

 pollutant 0.3 micrometers in size. It can filter 98.7% of particles 0.3 micrometers and 

 over 99.9% of particles 2.5 micrometers. It also has low respiratory resistance, high breathability, 

lasting protection and stable filtration effect.

New Material

Block effectively & Breathe smoothly

To help you breathe comfortably and safely, our OHSUNNY research workers developed 

 masks with nano-fibre filter element to block harmful matters. The mask has excellent 

andlasting effects in the isolation, breathability, and UV protection of ultra-harmful particles.

Display of Filtration Performance

Different Product Types

Our outstanding materials can be made into different 

styles according to different demands.

Disposable Mask

Protective Mask

Fashionable Mask

disposable protective 

 mask for kids - blue

Test Report

Disposable Protective Mask



3 Filter Layers 

Freely Breathe

Do Not Reuse It

Fit your face 

360° stereo structure 

Breathable fabric with high quality

    Applicable occasions

  • BFE 99%

  • Pollen-resistant

  • Dust-resistant

Elastic ear loops 

 No pressing feelings even after a long time


Upper circumference: 14CM 

Lower circumference: 14CM 

Front height: 13.5CM 

Side height: 9CM

Product Packaging

Packed in Bags 

5 pieces/ 10 pieces in each bag

Packed in Bags 

50 pieces in each bag

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