Brand Mission
There are many sunscreen products on the market. There are different types, different sizes and even different target markets for each. We want to come up with something revolutionary. Something which will not make the customer worry about putting it on to their kids.
Our mission is providing an alternative to sunscreen, but with a more natural product. We want to be skin friendly, at the end of the day people will not be worried about putting chemicals on themselves and on their kids. We not only protect you from the sun, we also protect you from the chemicals within the sunscreen products.

Brand Goals
Our brand goal is super precise because of the materials we use and what we stand for. We are a brand which offers sun clothes protection. We do what we do in the best way possible. We provide sun protection in a skin-friendly way.
Our brand goal of becoming the most preferred natural sun clothes protection supplier, we are experienced in what we do and we have high amount of research and development investment in creating something more innovative for our customers.

Brand Values
Our product is more natural than what is already offered in the market. Being natural is our core value. We are confident with the product we provide for our customers.
We are family-friendly, skin- friendly, all types of friendly huh?
We are there for you when you need us. NatTech got you and your family covered (literally).
Our product is for people who loves to have an outdoor life. Outdoor activities are refreshing and socializing. There are lots of people who are suited to outdoor life style and we are aiming to protect them from getting sunburnt.

Where the Brand comes from?
The ohSunny 'oh' comes from a babies energetic frantic 'oh' sounds they make when they are running around in the sunshine.To a parent, hearing that your child is in literal joy is the most calming and happiest feeling to have.

Protecting your family from ultraviolet ray is critical to a healthy living environment, so how did ohSunny decide to do this? We decided to use our expertise and experience in extremely developed functional sun protective fabric manufacturing base and develop a product line based on years of research. After several generations we brought you the ohSunny you see today.

We coined the name NatTech to best describe what we do here at ohSunny. NatTech is a technology developed to first provide an alternative to the harsh sunscreens on the market today, second to provide super high end tech sun protective clothing.

NatTech is our answer to the sun, the natural way. We're here to protect our loved ones and provide them a safe and comfortable experience while they're out doors.