Anti-light aging 

 It can effectivelyblock UV rays


 Moisture absorption 

& quick-drying

 360° protection

 Provide you with 

 comprehensive protection


 Soft and light

Multiple ways to use

It adopts OHSUNNY brand new sunscreen fabricwhich can effectively block over 99% of UV rays

Further improve fabric breathability

fabric can easily absorb sweat and evaporate

Cool & breathable, not stuffyTwo-waystretch 

fabric, not easy to deform, bring youa 

different comfortable experience

The technological fabric is as soft & 

 skin-friendly as a baby’s skin. Also, thesunscreen 

performance is outstanding

Can be washed multiple times, non-defrmation,long-term maintenance of sun protection

Classifications of Sunlight

What is UV?

UV: Ultraviolet is a broad wave emitted by the sun. 

UV includesUVA UVB and UVC, from 100 micron to 400 micron. 

UVA refers to ultraviolet A with a wavelength of 315 ~ 340nm.

UVB refers to ultraviolet B with a wavelength of 280 ~ 320nm.

UVC refers to ultraviolet C with a wavelength of 200 ~ 280nm.

Why do we need to protect ourselves from UV?

UV Harmfulness

The higher index the better protection effect. 

Different UV levelsrequire different levels of UPF protection.


 Factors of UV

Influence Factors ofUV UV index is mainlycomposed 

of UVA andUVB. UVB is moresignificantly 

weakenedby the atmosphere.

The influence factorsof UV index mainlyinclude 

direct sun Angle,latitude, altitude, clouds, 

ozone layer and groundradiation.

The sunlight is not balanced 

 around the world

For every 300 meters of higher elevation, UV index increases 4%. When completely covered by cloudsor fog, 

UV will be weakened by more than 50%. When the UV index is the highest in summer, it is usually inJuly or August in the northern hemisphere and January or February in the southern hemisphere.

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